Why Keeping Your Virginity Doesn’t Really Do You Any Good

Let’s face it, the more virtuous you are trying to be, the more likely it is that you are going to be absolutely screwed up in your love life. There are three main superstitions that you might have and that hold you back, and I will try to erase them in your mind, my dear pure virgins, in this article.

First of all, women who had a lot of sex aren’t whores, and you shouldn’t be afraid to become one if you have some sexual intercourses that won’t lead to a serious relationship or love forever after. A woman who is using the freedom she has in her society to be sexually satisfied is not as brainwashed as you are with religion or some cheesy Disney fairytales. Perhaps she has only been having sex with people who she is emotionally attached to. Tell me, what is wrong with that? This is natural that a person wants to get as physically close as it is possible to another person he or she likes, and there is no shame in mutually enjoying this connection if the circumstances are suitable. There is no shame in having sexual desires, that is something that God, if you do believe in him, has put willingly in your mind. Yes, you might say that he did it to test your strength and faith, but what a sadist he is in such case especially knowing that not everyone is raised to follow religious values as well as you do. You see, the filthy women that you are judging at the moment are perhaps bigger believers than you are. They know that God hasn’t created them simply as vaginas, and that their ticket to heaven and all their personality and dignity doesn’t lie simply in the wholeness of your hymen, but it goes beyond to include their personalities, their experiences and accomplishments in general. These are the women who appreciate themselves, and their self-esteem isn’t attached to their untouched genitalia. It is so easy to be a virgin and think that you are superior for that, but it is not easy to be a “whore” and love yourself and improve yourself with this shameful status.

Second of all, if you think that a man won’t be willing to enter a serious relationship with you unless you have maintained your sexual purity for him, I have a lot to tell you once again. Pardon me, but in this case you don’t have no sense of self-value, but, also, you are having great superstitions about men. A man who forgets about all the great things about your personality and narrows you down to your untouched vagina isn’t worth your time. You are not an object that your partner is buying in the supermarket and want you to be brand new and polished, maybe with some hymenic glitter on top. If your partner thinks of you as such, he is a douche. If you think of him that way while he is not, then you don’t actually know him and you didn’t grasp all aspects of his personality as well as of your own. If you see that attraction works in such light than you are just a narrow minded person, and this is not your fault, but you just haven’t been taught to value yourself and truly value your potential or present beloved one. Of course, there might be a case of mutual agreement not to sleep together before marriage or before certain time passes, but you shouldn’t shame yourself nor allow anyone to shame you just because you had sex with someone before, or if you had a lot of sex with a lot of different people. Your experience is what makes you beautiful, and your experience gives you knowledge and certain attitude that attracts the right experienced men who are sick of fooling around and are ready to have serious relationship with an experienced woman who as well is sick of fooling around. Or maybe both of you as serious and experienced people want to have a one-night stand, so who the fuck cares? Have it, expend your experience and, hopefully, enjoy it. Because you are so much more than your genitalia.

Finally, if you and your partner didn’t have sex before marriage for some reason, there is a huge possibility that the key won’t fir the locker, and you won’t have such an amazing loving experience as you have expected just because you have never seen your partner’s before. I know it sounds like non-sense, for I am objectifying men, but sizes and performance do matter, and it is a biological rule that men are the ones responsible for the success of the operation. And also here I am analyzing an almost impossible scenario in western societies, but a possible one in, for instance, the Middle East. Imagine you have married a guy, and in the first night it turns out that he has a small penis. Okay, I realize that trying his penis on before marriage is kind of dangerous in your country, but could you at least take a look at it during your engagement period, or if it is not possible ask him to give you an official document where he states his sizes and declares that he will pay you a million dollars if he is lying? Or ask one of your family members, like your father, to check your fiancé’s genitalia? Yes, that would be awkward to ask for such thing from your father because there is a possibility that you will be judged for being a normal human being who wants to be sexually satisfied which would mean that you are a lusty, dirty, filthy little creature, proving once again that the majority of inhabitants of hell are women. Even though I have been sarcastic in most of my comments and pieces of advice here, I perfectly realize that in the case of some societies it is impossible to guarantee yourself a good sexual life with a person you truly know and love, so all that is left for us is to make some fun of it and work towards changing the rotting mentality that shames people for their desire to enjoy healthy sexual relationships.

To conclude, it is your personal choice whether you should sleep with anyone before marriage, sleep only with your husband or not to have sex at all, but you should not judge and respect the choices of the others, you should value yourself and whoever you love and not limit the beauty of your relationship to your virginity, and try to secure your future sexual life by making sure that you and your husband will satisfy each other on the long run.

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