Alright, I’m assuming you’re starting to read this because: A) you are curious about the title or B) you LOVE “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Either way, I would like, if I may, take you down a strangle journey of how “Rocky Horror” helped me understand sex (a little script joke for ya there).

Let’s go back in time to when I was 9 or 10 years old. I had lovely parents who were very open to sharing all kinds of useful knowledge with me. I used to watch and listen to so many different old films, television shows and music that it made me this cool, pop culture kid. I could carry on full conversations with adults and elderly about their past entertainments and have a real connection. Anyway, it was nearing Halloween and my dance instructor decided to teach us a dance to a song called “The Time Warp” from a musical I never heard of (it was a kid friendly version). Since I was a musical geek, I wanted to see the original dance. I decided to ask my mom about it and she made a slightly panicked face at the idea. Being the progressive lady she was, my mom shrugged it off and went to our local video store to rent a copy. She said we would watch it together from the beginning.

There I was, innocent little Katie watching the beginning parts of “Rocky Horror” for the first time with my mom. Now, the first parts of the movie are pretty tamed. I thought the lips singing “Science Fiction/Double Feature” were funny and wondered how they properly lit that (film tech nerd coming out). It seemed like a typical movie musical during the next two songs. “Dammit Janet” was a cute song and I totally bought into the characters being naïve and in love. However, I thought Janet and Brad were idiots when they got a flat tire. Why on earth didn’t Brad keep a spare tire in the car and he (or Janet) change the flat themselves? Still, my frustration passed when “There’s A Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)” happened. I was intrigued by the creepy mansion they would have visit and the assurance that something strange would happen to them. When Riff Raff appears and “The Time Warp” starts, I started to get super excited. What cool way to introduce a timid couple into their crazy mansion! The weird people celebrating in tuxedos, dark sunglasses and party hats was a cool way to celebrate. It didn’t throw me off too much because it reminded me of the “Rich Man’s Frug” dance scene in “Sweet Charity”. Though Magenta the maid was very sexy, I most identified with Columbia. She wore a sparkling sequin outfit, a top hat and tapped dance. At that point in time, I aspired to be the next Gene Kelly and tap dancers were super important to me. If “The Time Warp” dance was happening to welcome me into a new place, you bet I would be dancing and pelvic thrusting with them!

At this point, my mom went to eject the tape when I stopped her. “No, Mom,” I pleaded. “Let’s see what happens to Brad and Janet. It’s just getting good!” Reluctantly, she walked back from the VCR player and said, “maybe a few more scenes”. Then, someone appeared who rocked my world… Holy God, TIM CURRY!!! I knew who Tim Curry was from other films but this was the side of a man I never thought I would see. Completely confident in himself, he revealed his high heels, fishnet stockings and corset as he strutted out from under his cape singing “Sweet Transvestite”. Hey, I knew what a transvestite was! I was in theatre! I couldn’t believe someone could ooze so much swagger from wearing basically nothing. Dr. Frank-N-Furter was seductive, mysterious and charming and my hormones were noticing. I knew I wasn’t attracted to women or the fact he was wearing women’s undergarments. He was insanely proud of who he was and I wanted find someone like that. I didn’t say anything to my mom but my eyes could probably tell it all. To ease the awkwardness of the moment, she started to give me some knowledge about how some men liked to dress up in women’s clothing and the differences between a transvestite and a drag queen. I was half listening and enjoyed Tim Curry dominating my fantasies.

Surprisingly, she let the movie go on because she wanted me to see Meatloaf. What!?! MEATLOAF is in the MOVIE!?!? Gosh, I was over the moon with excitement! I loved all his songs… “Paradise By The Dashboard”, “I Would Do Anything For Love”, “Bat Out Of Hell”, etc. and I knew he had previously been a theatre performer. This would be epic. As soon as he appeared in the greaser getup on that motorcycle with his saxophone, I was done. I found Tim Curry seductively attracted but I found Meatloaf stirring more feelings up inside of me. FUCK! As Eddie, Meatloaf commanded the room when he sang “Hot Patootie”. No wonder I felt a kinship to Columbia, she loved Eddie! I wanted to be her when he lifted her up on his motorcycle and then dominated her on the ground. I haven’t met anyone else who felt so strongly about his character but I was hooked. Sure, he was a big dude compared to everyone else but he was such a badass. Eddie was a greaser, had a motorcycle, could play the sax, sing, entertain the masses and was totally in love with a girl. Actually, you might be able to trace my preference for bigger guys back to this particular moment.

My mom had me stop watching the movie at this point. I was quite satisfied with ending my experience with seeing Meatloaf and thanked her for letting me watch it. As per usual, she rewound the tape and put it next to the front door to be taken back to the video store. I tried to go to sleep that night but all I kept thinking about was the rest of the movie. After my parents were definitely asleep, I snuck downstairs to find the tape. Luckily, I had a VCR player built into the TV in my bedroom, so I locked the door and turned down the volume low as I could. Then, I proceed to watch where I left off.

Now, I knew sexual intercourse was by this age. After all, my mom was a health and phys ed. teacher who wasn’t afraid to explain to me how a baby was conceived and born. The thing she left out until I was a little bit older in middle school was that sometimes people didn’t have sex to conceive a baby. They could have sex for their own pleasure to be an intimate with their partner or just fuck for fun. Other movies and musicals made references to sex like in “Grease” and “Grease 2” but I had never really seen it shown. When I saw Dr. Frank-N-Furter get down with his creation Rocky, Janet, and Brad, I was a little shocked but felt cool with it. Tim Curry was super sexy! If he wanted to fuck everyone, let him! When “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me” came on, I knew how Janet felt. I wanted someone I was attracted to feel me up (and more)! Who doesn’t? The rest of the movie turns more science fiction and ends abruptly. I cried when Rocky carried Dr. Frank-N-Furter and climbed on the tower. It was sad to see such an over the top character get killed. Once the credits came on, I quickly rewound the tape again and snuck it downstairs again. A few years later in middle school, my mom did end up buying me a copy of the movie because I loved the songs so much (we all can guess that was only half true). During high school, “Rocky Horror” became my go to movie to masturbate to when I needed some “inspiration”.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is still one of my favorite musicals of all time. It is a celebration of being who truly are and letting yourself open up to new things. I have multiple recordings of different theatrical productions and had the opportunity to go to some midnight showings on the east coast. Since I have moved to LA, I haven’t had the chance to go to one out here yet. They are so much fun! You get to yell things at the screen, throw items in the audience and participate in merriment with other weirdoes. Since I instantly get so turned on when I hear the music, I’m always afraid to bring a guy with me to see it as a date. I wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t contain myself through the whole movie and have to leave to jump his bones. The struggle is real! Anyway, the morale of the story is that “Rocky Horror” awakened me in the best way possible and I am forever grateful.

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