EAY Brings First High Grade Security “Uber For Escorts” Web App To Users Around The World

An exclusive team of top IT experts and adult entertainment insiders have launched EAY (EscortsAroundYou.com) as the world’s first real “Uber for escorts” mobile web app offering the highest grade security platform geared towards privacy. The app is available to users worldwide and can be used in every language and currency, making it the first truly globalized adult entertainment mobile platform.

Taking a page from Uber’s playbook, EAY cuts out the middleman (agencies) and directly connects users to available providers in their immediate area. EAY is free of charge and feature rich, allowing anonymous users to set their location, language, currency and provider preferences and then quickly filter and select from available entertainers to engage in a secure and private, real time chat.  EAY Secure Chat allows users and providers to make their own personal arrangements with absolutely no third party involvement. All chat and conversation data occurs within a single secure medium between end user and provider, and is promptly destroyed at the end of the session.

“EAY was born out of a need for privacy and security in a world that offers virtually none,” says EAY spokesperson, Don S. and the company strives to uphold and preserve the very foundation it was built on.

EAY is the first truly globalized adult entertainment interface allowing real time connectivity between users and entertainment providers in every location around the world. The app functions in 90+ different languages so users can set it to their native language and bypass any potential language barriers with an automatic and dynamic translation feature. A user in China speaking Mandarin can chat with an English-speaking provider with ease, the web app allows both parties to send and receive chat messages in their native languages, translating the conversation dynamically based on the end user language setting.

EAY also allows users to set the app to their home currency allowing automatic calculation between foreign currencies pulling real-time market rates. However, the app purposely excludes payment methods from its platform and according to EAY creators, it’s for a very good reason. The protection of user privacy is what EAY stresses as the single most important function of the app and something that is not only integral to the future of adult entertainment but to the cyber world in general.

“No individual or organization is immune from data breaches unless certain measures are put in place to minimize or eliminate data compromises all together,” explains Senior Systems Analyst, Zubair R.

Instilling those very measures have been EAY’s number one priority in building a user friendly, global advertising platform for adult entertainers. To achieve this, the company has taken the most simple, sure-fire approach to protecting user privacy. First, EAY is free of charge and therefore, does not require users to provide any identifiable information such as name, email address or credit card information. Secondly, EAY protects both users and entertainment providers’ rights to privacy with a high-grade security encrypted chat platform that allows both parties to engage in one-on-one, real time chats and then automatically destroys all communication and exchanges that occur within the EAY platform at the end of each session. Users also have the option to manually delete live chat exchanges at any point during the session.

The adult entertainment business continues to be the largest, most lucrative industry in the world. For the millions of men and women who want to continue enjoying adult entertainment services with the added conveniences of today’s technology and without compromising their personal privacy, EAY has combined the best of both worlds into its “Uber for escorts” web app.

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